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Post by Kahlen on Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:35 am

What is Eire?
Eire is the guild to which you should be applying. We’re a small roleplaying guild that wishes to remain small, but definitely welcomes newcomers. We’re a varied assortment of people who all share a passion for creating well-rounded characters and making the most of Mabinogi.

Are you associated with any other guilds?
Eire is its own entity. The creators once held staff positions within another roleplaying guild but have since parted ways. That said, we’re never opposed to any affiliations, and if you feel like our guilds should be allied, just let us know!

Do I need to be a certain level to join?
While we don’t have a level prerequisite, such as level 500 and up only, we do ask that you be at least passingly familiar with how the game works. We’re all about helping our fellow guildies out, but we don’t want anyone to rely on the guild for every little thing. That’s what the wiki is for!

Can I apply with more than one character at a time?
No. Initially, you can only apply with one character. After being accepted and undergoing mentoring, guild members in good standing can apply to have more than one character in the guild at a time.

What is mentoring?
Mentoring is a process through which we get to know you, and you get to know us. Essentially, it’s a trial period that everyone goes through in order to be a member. No one is exempt from the initial mentoring, but members applying for positions in the guild with their alts will not have to be mentored with that alt. A more in-depth explanation of the mentoring process can be found here.

What is IC? What is OOC?
IC is in character, while OOC is out of character.

Do I really have to be IC constantly?
Technically, no. If you’re on your own, then feel free to be as out of character as you’d like. Around other guild members, however, we ask that things remain in character. For one, it’s convenient to not have to think about whether someone is or isn’t in character. For another, that’s the point of the guild.

Is guild chat IC?
No, it’s not. Guild chat is out of character. Talk about whatever’s on your mind, provided it’s not terribly offensive or disrespectful of other guild members. If other guild members ask you nicely to drop a subject, please do, especially should that member also be someone in an authoritative position.

Is there a main plot? Can I make up side plots? Do I have to reserve space in RP?
We will do our best to come up with guild-wide plots. We’re always looking for any suggestions for plotlines, so once you’re a member, feel free to post to our suggestions forum. We don’t want anyone shut out of a chance to RP if they really want to be involved, so no, we don’t require sign-ups/reservations for plotlines. We aren’t going to dictate how your individual RP sessions go, as a sidenote, but if things come up in those that you feel others should know, remember to make note of it in the proper forum! Just remember – avoid godmoding.

Do I have to participate in events?
Well, really, why would you join a guild and not participate in guild activities? We’re about camaraderie, and if you don’t really want to be bothered, then this guild’s not really a good match for you.

What if I can’t connect to Mabi/the forums because of connection issues/vacation/emergency?
Those things happen, and we understand. If you’re going on vacation, just drop us a note on the forums before you go. Should an emergency come up, or should your connection go to hell, just make sure to let us know as soon as you can. We won’t hold it against you. However, we ask that you not disappear for any longer than a month at a time.

Can we be a race that other guild members are even if it's not in the game?
You cannot be off the bat, no. When you first join, you’re limited to the races that already exist in Mabi. Once you become an established member of the guild, you are free to petition to be that race. This will keep things a little more organized and less confusing.

If someone else is the same race as you, do you have to use the exact same mythology as them?
For Mabi races, we ask that you stick to the mythology presented in the game. You can play around with that mythology within reason, of course. When it comes to petitioned races, this will be dealt with on a case by case basis. We do want some kind of consistency, but we don't want to stifle creativity too much.

What if my character has a name like Bluebeard38397? Can I still join with that character?
Sure. The only thing we ask is you give us a reason as to why they’re called that. Did their parents want something unique so they’d stand out in the classroom? Do they come from a world where that’s common? Is Bluebeard their nickname while Charles Perrault is their real one? All we ask is that you have some story explaining the name. If it’s an offensive name, we won’t accept you. Instead, we will report you to Nexon.

We do ask you go by your screenname. At least, for the guild as a whole. This minimizes confusion and the like. If you want your bff Jill to call you a special nickname, that’s fine. We do reserve the right to make exceptions to certain screennames and to reject them. If it's a problem, we'll let you know and you can try joining with an alt character if you have one.
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