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Post by Adhamh on Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:24 am

Name: Daniel
Age: 17
Location: Miami, Florida
Primary Language: English

Name: Adhamh Animalia
Age: 23
Occupation: Security Guard
Location: Usually found in Tir Chonaill checking up on the townsfolk, Vales to be with other giants, or Taillteann to practice his alchemy.
Personality: He has a guardian personality. He will protect those whom he loves or those whom he finds defenseless and in need of protecting. Another apparent trait of his personality, and possibly the most apparent, is his care of wildlife. He loves animals more than anything and will protect the defenseless creatures or will try to rescue the ones abused and mistreated. Overall, he is kind and gentle, though has no problem with fighting. Also, he may be quick to anger when what he loves is attacked. He prefers to fight with melee and sometimes alchemy.
Background Information:

The 6 foot 2, twenty-three year old walked out of the gym shower with a towel hanging around his neck and another one wrapped around his waist. He had just finished a Mixed Martial Arts sparring session with a friend of his. He got dressed into his Park Ranger uniform. The khaki-colored shirt adorned with his official badge, his also khaki-colored knickerbockers with dark brown belt, and his ranger hat. He clipped on his Walkie-Talkie, and as soon as he turned it on, he received word of poacher sightings in the park forest.

Immediately, he drove over to the ranger station to gear up. He was enraged though at the thought of poachers. Nothing angered him more than the notion of someone killing poor animals for sport or profit. He forgot to pick up the necessary equipment to handle a possible poacher and continued into the forest on foot. He heard a weak mewling in a nearby tree hollow and bent down to inspect. He saw two fearful eyes staring back at him. In the miniscule hollow, was an injured wolf cub. Adhamh's face softened into compassion and he proceeded to lift the hurt cub into his arms. A gunshot echoed into the forest, startling the nearby forest-dwellers and scattering the birds.

Adhamh felt an intense pain in his chest and he saw blood soaking the uniform, as it spewed from his chest. The wolf cub cried in pain, the bullet tore through Adhamh and lodged itself into the wolf's center. Immediately, the two fell to the floor, life escaping from their bodies as rapid as the blood seeped out.

Adhamh awoke ontop of a pale and round platform, with a curious design printed on it. In the center, an amazingly beautiful woman, with snow-white hair and a long black dress stood, beckoning him over. Adhamh walked over slowly and basked in her radiance. She explained to him his current state and the world in which he was soon to arrive in. After being wished luck, Adhamh blacked out once more.

He awoke again in the middle of a pristine land, his body sunken slightly into a soft material. He was a quarter submerged in snow. He had arrived in Physis, just outside the gates of Vales. He sat up and took in his surroundings. He then looked himself over and noticed that he had a different body. He was much thicker, with a nicely developed physique. He also had a tanned skin. He noticed he had much longer hair, for he had to constantly brush aside the strands of coarse black hair that somewhat obstructed his view. He seemed to be in a fighting suit. Highly comfortable and with a design to accomodate flexibility. It fit him rather nicely. He stood up and walked for a few seconds, when a powerful force sent him face-first into the snow. He flipped onto his back and saw an immense pair of eyes with verdant pupils. Dark gray and shaggy fur covered the massive four-legged beast, from snout to tail.

The large wolf gave Adhamh an affectionate lick to the face and Adhamh realized the identity of the creature. It was none other than the wolf cub he had found in his previous life. He gave the wolf a powerful hug as well as a mixture of rubs and scratches.

"...You be named will be my brother."

Over the next several Erinn years, Adhamh met many people. Different races, different personalities, different point of views in life. He befriended some and was infuriated by others. He went through a Rite of Passage that made him an official member of the Vales community, as well as a period of insanity and intense confusion. Though now, he stands stronger than ever, wisened by experience, and with an unbreakable will.
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Post by Admin on Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:15 pm

Your application has been reviewed by our officers and it has been approved.

Please apply at the guildstone so that we may complete the acceptance process, if you haven't done so already.

Welcome to Eire. Very Happy

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