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Post by Larcen on Sun Jan 30, 2011 6:05 pm

Name: Gatemo / Gato (Unless you know my name-name, this is what I prefer to be called, thankyou.) Razz
Age: 25
Location: Florida
Primary Language: English

Name: Larcen Ciel
Age: 20
Race: Human - Milletian
Occupation: Mage
Location: Lives at a small apothecary in Dunbarton; but travels where there's an agenda.
Personality: Aloof, absent-minded
Background Information: Larcen didn't remember much about his life before Erinn; but he's very certain it was ordinarily dull. It didn't feel like that was much of a change from his life now either. Things were still dull and ordinary - save for the fact that he was studying magic, the world about him was at war with creatures he had never seen before, and he was granted with some strange ability to continuously come back from death in a land that was completely foreign to him.

He supposed he should have been using such an ability to make himself a valuable asset in ending the fighting; but it didn't really suit him. Larcen wasn't that much of a hero. Even if he could be resurrected from death, dying was far from an enjoyable way for him to spend his time too. Perhaps it wasn't the same as the "calling" he was expected to have in Erinn, but Larcen was content to simply make a living there, even keep his life as a Milletian secret if it helped do so. At least until he could figure out what exactly he wanted to do with himself.
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Application - Larcen Ciel Empty Re: Application - Larcen Ciel

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:16 pm

Your application has been reviewed by our officers and it has been approved.

Please apply at the guildstone so that we may complete the acceptance process, if you haven't done so already.

Welcome to Eire. Very Happy

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