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Post by Saraghina on Thu Jan 20, 2011 6:59 pm

The Rules

1. The required age to join this guild is 17+. We are not responsible for those who lie about their age to get in. If we find out you’ve been lying, you’ll be immediately booted.

2. Be respectful of others. This means treating each other like decent human beings. Racism, homophobia, transphobia/cissexism and other forms of bigotry will not be tolerated. These are bannable offenses. If you happen to get into a fight with someone, we ask you to resolve it maturely and in private. If you’re having trouble with another member with regards to harassment, you can alert the mods/officers and they’ll step in.

If someone is harassing you or you catch them breaking this rule (or any rule for that matter), please try to screencap it. This will keep it from being a he said, she said situation. In order to take a screencap, all you need to do is hit "print screen/prt scr" on your keyboard. There are other methods, of course, but I offer that one up for those who don't know those other methods. You can also record it if it happens in-game and send the video to officers. If the harassment comes from someone outside the guild, you'll have to report it to Nexon as we can't do much outside of helping you report them and banning them from the guild.

3. Do not godmod. You control your character and your character only. Do not decide things for other players or put them in positions against their will. You will get a warning the first time and then you strike out.

4. Your character must be Erinn-born or milletian only. Basically, if it’s not a race that exists in Mabinogi, it’s not allowed in this guild. However, there will be special exceptions for certain races. You must petition in order to get the race you want acknowledged and we can’t guarantee you’ll get your way. This is to allow you to expand on your creativity without everybody going all willy nilly up in here. Here’s the catch though: You can only petition for a race if you’re an established guild member. For example, if Billy Bob wants to join the guild he can’t petition for a race before or just after his application is accepted. Meanwhile, Cindy Lou has been with the guild for three months wants to introduce a new race, so she can petition for it.

5. For newcomers, mentoring is required. This isn’t to be mean or annoying, but to ensure you know what is expected of you. You will be introduced to how the guild does things and it will allow the guild to know how you interact with others. After your application is accepted, you’ll be adopted into our mentoring system. This will be a time when you can find out if this guild is really for you.

6. What happens IC stays IC and the same goes for OOC. If someone flirts with you IC, it is not an invitation to start sending them love notes OOC. At the same time, if you learn something OOC, it does not automatically mean your character knows it. If Cindy Lou tells you her character, Suzy Q, loves jelly beans, but Suzy Q has kept it a secret, your character cannot magically know this.

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